Thursday, 21 October 2010


When Nick Clegg and David Cameron came into power, they promised they would end “the storage of internet and email regulations and email records without good reason”.

This is one of the reasons that I cheered loudly when they beat Labour in the election - their promises to restore the country to the people and to stop the state intruding into our private lives.

Now I am reading stories announcing that they intend to pass a bill to "....preserve the ability of the security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to obtain communication data and to intercept communications within the appropriate legal framework."

This doesn't specify what exactly will be done but it is widely expected to require every communications service provider to retain records of every web page you visit, every email you send, basically a log of everything you do online!

I thought we had seen the turn around of the police state, now it looks like we were lied to through the teeth of the smarmy faced politicians who asked us to vote for them.

Is this down to the will of the REAL rulers of this country? The people pulling the strings behind the scenes at the European parliament who have supremacy over our own elected politicians!

Cameron and Clegg - Do you have the balls to stand up and represent this country? or are you going to quietly become the puppets of our european overlords?

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