Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Constable Teacher Sir

And so the Jackboots march!

I had been looking forward to a quiet time with Tory/libdem promises to roll back state intrusion, I foolishly believed that we were entering a period when the politicians had recognised that government had exploded out of control during the Labour years.

Today I read of the government plans to give head teachers the power to discipline students "anytime, any place, any where"

The politicians still haven't remembered that PARENTS are responsible for their children and teachers only have the authority of the parents to discipline students during times that the parents have delegated that responsibility such as during school hours or school events.

This government is continuing along the path of the previous incumbents, trying to establish the state as parent of first resort!

I choose to state that I am responsible for my children until they reach the age of maturity and can take responsibility for themselves. Until then the state ONLY has the responsibility and authority to step in if I am failing my responsibility so badly that my children are at risk of harm.

Get on with the job of running this country for the good of the population and GET OUT of my private life and the private lives of my children! You've already trashed the country; you WILL NOT trash the lives of my children.


  1. Gove's talk of discipline last year concerned me at a time when all in the HE community seemed to be embracing him for his stand against Badman.

    Dammit, I hate to be right when I'm paranoid.

    He's determined to replace an army of bureaucrats with an army of tin pot dictators who bleat about "MY school".

    Things are not looking good for the schooled population.

  2. So far it is just words on this issue. Be interesting to see how this plays out though.

    Pete: know what you mean about 'paranoia', but back then they needed votes, and I reckon the HE community may have been targeted to gain them support.

  3. Gove has always left me somewhat disappointed. I guess I wanted him to come charging in like a knight in shining armour and vanquish all the bad guys. However, his lance needs some viagra and he gives the impression that someone's pushed him off his horse and he's stuck on his back waving his arms and legs in the air, hoping that someone will come and put him back on his feet.