Thursday, 21 October 2010


When Nick Clegg and David Cameron came into power, they promised they would end “the storage of internet and email regulations and email records without good reason”.

This is one of the reasons that I cheered loudly when they beat Labour in the election - their promises to restore the country to the people and to stop the state intruding into our private lives.

Now I am reading stories announcing that they intend to pass a bill to "....preserve the ability of the security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to obtain communication data and to intercept communications within the appropriate legal framework."

This doesn't specify what exactly will be done but it is widely expected to require every communications service provider to retain records of every web page you visit, every email you send, basically a log of everything you do online!

I thought we had seen the turn around of the police state, now it looks like we were lied to through the teeth of the smarmy faced politicians who asked us to vote for them.

Is this down to the will of the REAL rulers of this country? The people pulling the strings behind the scenes at the European parliament who have supremacy over our own elected politicians!

Cameron and Clegg - Do you have the balls to stand up and represent this country? or are you going to quietly become the puppets of our european overlords?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Constable Teacher Sir

And so the Jackboots march!

I had been looking forward to a quiet time with Tory/libdem promises to roll back state intrusion, I foolishly believed that we were entering a period when the politicians had recognised that government had exploded out of control during the Labour years.

Today I read of the government plans to give head teachers the power to discipline students "anytime, any place, any where"

The politicians still haven't remembered that PARENTS are responsible for their children and teachers only have the authority of the parents to discipline students during times that the parents have delegated that responsibility such as during school hours or school events.

This government is continuing along the path of the previous incumbents, trying to establish the state as parent of first resort!

I choose to state that I am responsible for my children until they reach the age of maturity and can take responsibility for themselves. Until then the state ONLY has the responsibility and authority to step in if I am failing my responsibility so badly that my children are at risk of harm.

Get on with the job of running this country for the good of the population and GET OUT of my private life and the private lives of my children! You've already trashed the country; you WILL NOT trash the lives of my children.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

And there he was, dead

Funny how the guy that wrote this blog entry was found dead at his home, no known illness - just didn't wake up....................

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Paedophiles in charge - Safe in their hands?

Isn't it a wonderful thing that we have the likes of Ed Balls to look after us, this pillar of our society? No? I don't think so either!

Ed and his lapdog Graham Badman have concocted a report consisting mainly of unfounded allegations and misrepresented statistics. This report seeks to put the authorities in the position of having prime responsibility for children, over and above the parents. They claim that parents cannot be trusted to look after their children and therefore it is necessary for all children to be seen by an approved professional on a regular basis.....

Are these the kind of professionals they want us to hand our children over to in order to certify that WE are not abusing them:-

Laming’s legacy of failure
Little Ted's Nursery
Headmistress ignores child with broken leg while she finishes lunch
Paedophile leading teenage sexual advice centre
Teacher rapes 5 year old pupil
GP has 6,000 child porn images

Depressingly, these are only a tiny selection of the cases listed on the map put together by the home ed forum.

Go to or here to see the map.

Will I entrust my child's safety to the so called professionals? OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

Ed and co - if you think that I (and many others) will simply roll over and let you screw up the lives of our children then you'd better think again!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Paaedophiles in charge? - Top dog

Funny how operation ore never investigated the labour politicians discovered during their investigations into child porn.

Funny how the mainstream press never reported any of it.

Read the links 'nuff said.

Google search for Tony Blair D Notice paedophiles

Paedophiles in charge? - Charity trustees

The report by the charity commission "Charities Back on Track 2008/9" states that of the 34 cases investigated and closed "Cases included concerns where individuals on the Sex Offenders Register were either proposed, or were acting, as trustees."

These are only the convicted offenders, we do not know how many people actually work for charities and may be in positions of power over children and other vulnerable people. Let's face it - how many reports have we read of children in care being abused, raped or even murdered by those in charge of them? How many other vulnerable people are harmed by those in power over them?

I used to live near an old peoples home and could often hear the anguished calls of the residents when they were too much trouble for the staff to bother to bring them their food or help them to the toilet!

This is why we must not delegate to the state the care of those we love. Children, the elderly, the mentally infirm are best cared for by those that love them, either personally or by staff that we choose (and check up on).

Positions of power will always be sought by those seeking power for their own ends, positions of power over children will always attract paedophiles. Do you think the state REALLY cares for your child more than you do? Do you trust the judges, the NSPCC staff, child protection officer, even the nursery worker?

There is a need for professionals to help families when they need it, but they should be carefully restrained, behave above reproach and always in the best interest of the family instead of striving to meet tickbox targets!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Paedophiles in charge? - UNESCO

Watching the various activities of our politicians, social services and the many others who claim to be 'protecting' our children, I've often wondered whether there is actually a ring of paedophiles at high level in authority and government.

Some time back I was shown a translation of a German Gov't leaflet advocating that fathers should 'pay particular attention to the vulva and clitoris of their young daughters', that touching children sexualy was 'good'. Naturally enough, the original leaflet has long since disappeared from official sites after the outrage by parents across the world.

Now I have seen a report by UNESCO which (amongst other things) says that children as young as 5 should be taught about masturbation!

I've always advocated that childrens' questions about sex should be answered honestly and openly so that children know that they can freely ask about any matter but this is VERY different to being 'taught' about sex, especially at such a young age!!

If any government official tries to force me to teach sex to any of my children before they are ready to ask questions driven by their own curiosity they may find the UNESCO report shoved where the sun don't shine.,1518,497527,00.html